Our Services

Vacation Homes of Hilton Head has served Hilton Head Property Owners with excellence since 2008. Our diligent effort to offer home owners what they need with a customized management plan and proactive approach to property care has proven to provide maximum rental income year after year.


Our property owners have a dedicated Property Manager who can help you with anything pertaining to your property. If you have a question about your statement, reservations, maintenance, etc. you will deal directly with that person. This direct contact helps improve communication and establishes clear goals between the property owner and our company.


We understand that all property owners have different needs, so we work directly with our clients to provide a customized approach to property management and marketing.

Some of our services include:

    • In-house management of cleaning services
    • Maintenance services
    • Concierge services
    • Real estate sales and consultation


Vacation Rental Booking Sites

Our strategic partnerships and reservation software allows us to maintain an advertising presence on all of the largest vacation rental booking sites like HomeAway & VRBO.. Through our website or any of our partner sites guests can book online at any time. All pricing, promotions, and details are updated instantly so that, in essence, we are open 24/7 for the guest’s convenience.

Lead Management Software

Our lead management software converts more leads into bookings with efficient lead collection and tracking tools. This system simplifies the guest inquiry process by managing leads from all sources in one place. The process is simple; a guest sends an inquiry, we immediately make them a contact in our system, then they receive a response email and a phone call, and then 24, 48, & 72 hours later we follow up.

Yield Management Pricing

Yield Management Pricing allows us to adjust rates automatically according to changing market conditions to help maximize revenue and occupancy. This pricing model is similar to what powers major hotel and airline companies by tracking supply and demand through historical rental data and competitors occupancy levels. Our pricing models consider special events in the area, seasonality, check-in and check-out dates, last minute arrivals, and many other data points when factoring competitive pricing that has proven to increase rental income.

Email Marketing Strategies

Our email marketing strategies are state of the art. We market to our past guests, website visitors, mobile app visitors, and partner site visitors on a weekly basis. We are able to segment our email marketing and target individuals based on their booking patterns, like/dislikes, events & interests based on their profile. This allows our email marketing to be extremely successful as a revenue generator for your property. It also keeps our email marketing retention rate higher becuase the clients are really interested in what we are sending them rather than a set-it and forget-it email marketing strategy.

Social Media

We use social media to engage with both past and potential guests. We constantly update guests on new information about local life including shopping and dining, as well as, day trips and encourage them to visit for our local festivals which helps increase occupancy. This engagement along with social media advertisement helps generate a significant amount of extra revenue that we are able to track.

Vacation Homes of Hilton Head "Curated Collection" Catalog

Our curated collection book is clean, thoughtfully designed, and elegant. All properties on our program are included in this distribution.

Photography, Floor Plans, & Virtual Tours

It’s a fact when a guest is looking for a place to stay they rely on photos. Property management with Vacation Homes of Hilton Head includes professional photography (interior and exterior), floor plans, and virtual tours. This allows each guest to see what each bedroom, living room, or game room looks like prior to their arrival.

Owner Services

Online Owner Login

Our online owner login enhances your experience by allowing you to view specific booking summary reports and lets you create reservations for your own arrivals. You can see your property’s availability schedule, owner statements, and receipts. This tool allows property owners to easily track all revenue and expenses.

Reservation Notifications

Stay up to date on our progress with owner booking notifications. Every time we reserve your home you will receive an email with the guest’s name, number of guests, and the rental rate.

Property Inspections

All of our properties are inspected every time and guest checks in and out for quality control and to help minimize wear and tear on your property. Our detailed inspection app is customized on a per property basis and if issues arise you will have a full report along with photos and an estimate for repair.

Security Deposit Protection Plan

All guests who stay with our Company are required to purchase a security deposit protection plan. So, for every guest that stays at your property you are covered up to $3,000 in accidental damages that may incur during the stay. The claims process is simple…we identify the damage, take photos, purchase or repair, and process the claim.

Kaba Keyless Entry System

Go keyless! All of our homes feature state-of-the-art door technology. All of our doors are electronically activated, and can only be used by guests who are staying in that home. We generate different codes for every single reservation- making it impossible for unauthorized use. All of these codes can be tracked and users can be identified in situations where it may be needed.


Our in-house management of cleaning services lets us maintain quality control and allows for a quick response to guests’ needs while being able to efficiently oversee every aspect of the process. All cleanings include linens, towels, soaps & shampoos, laundry detergent, dish soap, dish detergent, dish towels, paper towels, toilet paper, and our digital inspection report.


Vacation Homes of Hilton Head App

This app contains all the information each guest needs to know before, during, and after their stay. From arrival tips, directions to the property, property tips, and area information, to restaurant, event, and activity recommendations – this app has everything they need to spend more of their vacation having fun!

Southern Hospitality Pass

Our Southern Hospitality Pass is exclusive only to those who rent with Vacation Homes of Hilton Head. This pass provides all guest with one free round of play every day at four award-winning golf courses through the Heritage Collection, miniature golf at Adventure Cove, and a complimentary bike rental. This feature provides an edge over the competition and is just another reason to rent with us over the other vacation rental companies on Hilton Head.


Studies show that consumers trust online reviews almost, as much as, personal recommendations. While reading about someone else’s experience the consumer feels comfortable with their decision to either choose your home or not, based on the review. We encourage our guest to write reviews by offer them a gift. Whether or not the review is positive or negative it is an important tool to help improve the property if needed.


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