Departure Information

We hope you had an amazing trip to Hilton Head. Before you leave we ask that you complete the following items. Let us know you had an amazing time by leaving a positive review for the property, our staff, and our company. See you again next year!

Prompt Departure

We appreciate a prompt departure and check-out time is at 10:00am. Violation fees will incur if guest does not leave by 10am ($500 per hour minimum). Please text us at (843) 868-5515 if you are able to depart before this time.

Trash Disposal

Please do not leave any food or left overs in the house/cabinets. All trash must be bagged and placed in the appropriate bins or else fines may apply. We ask that as much trash be put out for pick up as possible the night before departure as waste collection is quite early Wednesday and Saturday morning. Do not bring bins to the curb for pick up.

Light Cleaning

- Leave all bedding on the bed. Place dirty towels on the floor of the bathroom. 

- Please load the dishwasher and begin the wash cycle prior to departure. Do not leave any dirty dishes in the sink. 

- Please sweep sand and debris in the main living areas. 

 - Please wipe down the kitchen counter tops.

Security Check

Please make sure all doors and windows are locked upon departure. If you are staying oceanfront, please ensure that all exterior lights are left off.